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Episode 10 August 12, 2017   LIBERA , Robert Prizeman, Founder, Conductor, Composer, Arranger and Three of the Singers from Libera: Peter Kiety, Alex Gula and Leo Barron


Libera is a world renowned Boys Choir from South London, England. Unlike of the English Boy Choirs, they are not based in a famous college or English Cathedral, but instead are from many churches in South London. Their founder and conductor, Robert Prizeman, has created a “Boy Band” of sorts and a world-wide phenomenon, now having performed in the US, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. Having sung for the Queen, Popes, on TV shows and TV Specials, and for millions of fans everywhere, their arrangements, many of which are written by Prizeman, help them achieve their unique sound and their lighting effects make their shows unforgettable experiences. In addition to their “shows” and tours they usually sing two Masses per weekend.   They recently performed at Christ Cathedral and sang a Mass at the Cathedral at the close of the annual Diocesan Children’s Choir Camp. Hear from Robert Prizeman and three of the singers all about this amazing choir explain just how all this came to be and just what it is like being a part of this breathtaking choir.


Music: all performed by LIBERA


Sanctus (based upon the Pachelbel Canon)

Angeli Dei   by Robert Prizeman from their new album HOPE

Wayfaring Stranger   from their new album HOPE

Joyful Joyful we adore Thee   Beethoven/ Prizeman


Originally aired on 8/12/17