By STAFF     9/1/2022

Christ Cathedral installed  a new bronze bas-relief sculpture on Wednesday, Aug. 10 that depicts Gospel images that reflect the divinity of Christ.

The artwork by Pablo Eduardo, entitled “Adoration of the Christ Child by the Magi (Epiphany),” is the second of four that will go inside the cathedral’s ground-level interior wall. The first was installed in October 2021. As the sculptures come in, they will replace temporary Biblical messages that were placed up for the cathedral’s 2019 dedication.

Dr. Robert and Ramza Hamra, longtime benefactors of the Diocese, generously donated toward the manifestation and were present for its installation, as were Bishop Kevin Vann, cathedral rector Fr. Bao Thai, rector emeritus Fr. Christopher Smith and Msgr. Arthur Holquin.

Underwriting this manifestation was important to the Hamras, who said in a joint statement, “We wanted to help with Christ Cathedral. Helping with the manifestation was significant to us. It was a way to see our faith in action.”

Being present for the installation was a poignant moment for the couple, who were visibly moved by its beauty.

“This is so beautiful,” said the couple jointly. “We are happy to be a part of it. We know it is going to inspire many people for years and years to come.”

Pablo Eduardo’s bronze artwork is also featured in the cathedral’s Stations of the Cross, Bishop’s Doors and narthex.