IT IS ALWAYS a joy to celebrate the graduation of our remarkable students in OC Catholic Schools.

This past month, I had the privilege of celebrating graduations at four of our high schools, and each one filled me with immense pride and gratitude. These celebrations marked the culmination of years of hard work, dedication and growth.

They were a testament to the unwavering commitment of our Catholic school communities in fostering the formation of missionary disciples.

Our schools have been steadfast in providing a nurturing environment where students can encounter Christ, grow in their relationship with Him and develop a personal commitment to living out the Gospel values. Through religion classes, celebration of the sacraments and spiritual formation, we have strived to equip our graduates with a solid foundation in their faith that will sustain them throughout their lives.

While our schools are centered in Christ, academic excellence is another cornerstone of our mission. We believe that a well-rounded education, grounded in rigorous academic standards, empowers our students to excel in their chosen paths.

Our dedicated teachers have not only imparted knowledge but have also instilled a love for learning, critical thinking skills and a thirst for intellectual growth. As our graduates move forward, we are confident that they are well-prepared to face the challenges of higher education and the professional world.

I am always proud to recognize acts of Christian service as the third pillar of our mission and a great accomplishment of our graduates. Through various service-learning opportunities, our students
have learned the importance of compassion, empathy and making a positive impact on the world. From volunteering at local food banks to organizing fundraisers for charitable causes, our graduates have embraced the call to be Christ’s hands and feet in a world in need. We are proud of their commitment to service and confident that they will continue to be agents of change in their communities.

To our parents, I extend my heartfelt gratitude for partnering with us and entrusting your children to our care. Your partnership, support and involvement have been vital in shaping their education and character. I am also deeply grateful to our dedicated teachers and staff whose tireless efforts have nurtured the minds, hearts and souls of our students.

As our graduates embark on the next chapter of their lives, we celebrate their accomplishments and encourage them to carry the values instilled in them throughout their years in our Catholic schools. May they be bold in their faith, to seek truth and justice and to live lives of integrity and compassion. They are well equipped to be missionary disciples, spreading the love and teachings of Christ in all they do.

Together, let us celebrate this milestone and look forward to the incredible journey that lies ahead.