Christ Cathedral



By STAFF     2/22/2017

On Friday, Jan. 27, teachers, staff and supporters of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Orange gathered at the Christ Cathedral Academy for the Fourth Annual Celebration of Catholic Schools Dinner. This event, tied to the celebration of National Catholic Schools Week, was a wonderful opportunity for educators from across the Diocese to gather with Bishop Vann to enjoy an evening together, while celebrating the gift of Catholic schools.

The celebration began with a presentation of the St. John the Baptist Clover Choir. Fr. Jerry Horan, vicar of Faith Formation, offered the opening prayer. The featured speaker, Sister Carol Cimino, superintendent of the Diocese of Buffalo, spoke strongly for the mission of Catholic schools, while keeping the attendees laughing.

The heart of the evening was dedicated to honoring educators who are celebrating milestone anniversaries of service this year. Those with 25 years, to as many as 50 years of service, were honored by Superintendent Greg Dhuyvetter and Bishop Vann. This was followed by awarding the Bishop Kevin Vann Award for Service to Schools and Diocese. This year’s awards were given to Helen Steves, director of Campus Ministry at Mater Dei High School, and Gordon Schmitt, volunteer and member of the Diocesan Consultative School Board, which has been instrumental in facilitating technology advances in the Diocese.

The evening concluded with words and blessing from Bishop Vann, who praised educators for their work and encouraged all to continue to work together to build the ministry of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Orange.




25th Anniversary


Janice Babcock /St. John the Baptist School


Barbara Barreda / St. Columban School


Jean Bullock / St. Barbara School


Geri Campeau / Mater Dei High School


Jeanne De Pasquale / St. Cecilia School


Raymond Dunne / Santa Margarita Catholic High School


Barbara Hudson / Mission Basilica School


Doreen Moore / Servite High School


Jeanne Pitoniak / Blessed Sacrament School


Chris Stringer / St. Joseph Catholic School


Debbie Vallas / Christ Cathedral Academy



30th Anniversary


Frances Clare / Mater Dei High School


Dr. Aileen Doyle / Mater Dei High School


Rick Dellefield / The Parish School – St. Edward the Confessor Parish


Jan Estrada / Holy Family Cathedral School


Sandra Mendes / St. John the Baptist School


Anita Newland / St. John the Baptist School


Mercedes Ponticello / Mission Basilica School


Adela Solis / School of Our Lady


Janet Sciarra / St. Pius V School


Doug Williams / Santa Margarita Catholic High School



35th Anniversary


Mary Alvarado / St. Cecilia School


Xenia Jeske / Blessed Sacrament School


Joyce Kolakowski / St. Pius V School


Patrick Murphy / Mater Dei High School


David Taylor / Mater Dei High School



40th Anniversary


Margaret Murillo / St. John the Baptist School


50th Anniversary


Roisin McAree / Blessed Sacrament School


Bishop Vann Award


Gordon Schmitt / Diocesan Consultative School Board Tech Committee


Helen Steves / Mater Dei High School Director of Campus Ministry