By Douglas Morino     9/21/2018

Rev. Christian Mondor, the pastor emeritus of Sts. Simon and Jude who passed away in April, was recently honored in Huntington Beach at an event he helped create – the Blessing of the Waves.

Several hundred surfers, tourists and ocean enthusiasts gathered near the base of the city’s pier for this year’s ceremony, which featured music, prayer and reflections by spiritual leaders from across Orange County.

Among them was Rev. Scott Borgman, judicial vicar for the Diocese of Orange.

“We come together as daughters and sons of the Creator who gives each of us life and provides the beauty of creation, especially these waves which we all love,” Borgman said.

This year’s Blessing of the Waves, sponsored by the Greater Huntington Beach Interfaith Council, also honored Blaine “Sumo” Sato, pastor of H2O Community Church, who also passed away earlier this year.

Mondor, a Franciscan priest and beloved spiritual leader who first coordinated the Blessing of the Waves 11 years ago, passed away just shy of his 93rd birthday. His life was celebrated in June at a memorial and paddleout at the Huntington Beach pier.

Mondor was a water enthusiast and competitive swimmer who started longboard surfing when he was 65. He was honored with a bronze statue to be placed on their pier.