From the Bishop



By The Most Rev. Kevin W. Vann, Bishop of the Diocese of Orange     10/14/2020


Just this past Sunday, when I installed Fr. Michael St. Paul as the new Pastor at Holy Trinity parish in Ladera Ranch, I had the blessing to speak with Jonathon Bobruk, who is the husband of the late Cindy Bobruk, who guided the Orange Catholic Foundation for many years. When I mentioned Cindy at Mass, there was spontaneous applause! That gratitude for Cindy is an appropriate expression of the work of the Orange Catholic Foundation, and the good that it has contributed to the mission of the Church here in Orange since its founding, in the year 2000, under Bishop Tod Brown. 

 That was an appropriate way to begin this new chapter in the life of the Orange Catholic Foundation, with the arrival of the new executive director, Kimberly Jetton, to begin her leadership and guidance with the Foundation. I was grateful to the Orange Catholic Foundation Board for their leadership in surfacing qualified candidates for the position of Executive Director, and for the chance to meet her personally as part of the process. She brings a great deal of enthusiasm and expertise to this position and, as I stated at the time of her appointment, “Kimberly recognizes that even though our Catholic communities are currently hampered by outside forces beyond their control, it is her firm belief that our best days are yet to come. Our faithful parishioners remain committed as ever to their parishes, schools and ministries.”   

 I would like to add a personal note to this as well. The days of October are rushing by, and soon we will be in the month of November, dedicated to all of the Faithful departed. I also will be soon remembering the 6th anniversary of my father’s death on Nov.13.  My father’s life in my early years was as a postal service carrier, faithfully delivering mail in many and challenging circumstances. I remember him at times getting up early on cold and snowy Christmas mornings in the Midwest to retrieve mail and gifts that had not yet arrived at friends’ homes.   

 The Orange Catholic Foundation, on a great scale, does the same: bringing the Gospel and the message of the generous love of Christ in all circumstances, especially today. Not unlike what my father and so many other postal carriers did in their work many years ago, and today as well. We are very grateful for Kimberly’s experience and faith as she leads the Orange Catholic Foundation to do just that; to be bearers and deliverers of the mystery and presence of God’s love in the circumstances of today’s complicated and challenging world.   

 Welcome Kimberly as a part of our Family of God.  Be assured always of our prayers and support and gratitude.