A message of consolation from our Bishop

By The Most Rev. Kevin W. Vann, Bishop of Orange     6/13/2016

Dear brothers and sisters here in the Diocese of Orange and beyond,

My friend Bishop John Noonan of the Diocese of Orlando will be holding a time of prayer today at St. James Cathedral in Orlando entitled a “Vigil to dry tears” at 7:00 PM. Bishop Noonan said in his statement that “We pray for the people of the city of Orlando that God’s mercy and love will be upon us as we seek healing and consolation….I hope this opportunity to join each other in prayer will bring about an outpouring of the mercy of God within the heart of our community.

 I know that all of our prayer and support of the Diocese of Orange will be with Bishop Noonan and our brothers and sisters in Orlando today and beyond, as we pray for the victims of this senseless and unspeakable violence, and their families and pray in gratitude as well for the heroism of the “first responders.”

The US Bishops, in retreat this week, will be praying as well for God’s mercy and strength for all in Orlando.

+Kevin W. Vann