By STAFF     6/17/2024

The three-day Fathom Events theatrical release of “Jesus Thirsts: The Miracle of the Eucharist” scored big at the U.S. box office, grossing $2,141, 273 and landing at #1 in per screen average for all three days. The movie is Fathom’s highest grossing documentary of 2024 and is currently in second place for all documentaries released in 2024. It will return to theaters nationwide by popular demand on June 18 and 19.

“We’re thrilled at the success of this documentary, but not surprised,” said Ray Nutt, CEO of Fathom Events. “Deacon Steve Greco of Spirit Filled Hearts along with Jim Wahlberg and Tim Moriarty have been great partners and they made a powerful, informative Catholic documentary. We’re excited to be adding more dates to this run so that more people can experience the miracle of the Eucharist.”

“My greatest hope for this film has been and continues to be winning souls for Jesus Christ,” said Deacon Steve Greco, executive producer. “I’m incredibly grateful to the movie-goers for showing up! Now, we need to show up again and with others. To those who have experienced the power of this movie, I implore you to be a Eucharistic evangelist for our film as we encore with an extended run through June 26!”

The feature-length documentary by executive producer Deacon Steve Greco and producers James Wahlberg and Tim Moriarty was first released June 4-6 nationwide. The powerful film is co-sponsored by the Diocese of Orange and puts Jesus on the big screen during the national Eucharistic Revival movement within the U.S. Catholic Church.

The visually stunning documentary offers the insights and testimonies of some of the most prominent Catholic leaders and thinkers of our era. With scenes captured across the United States and in countries including Poland, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Uganda, Canada and Slovenia, “Jesus Thirsts” is a poignant exploration of the Eucharist, revered as the source and summit of Christian life. The film is a celebration of the Eucharist as God’s paramount gift to humanity, uniquely able to satisfy the deepest yearnings of the human heart.

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