Connelly's golf standout is making her mark

By Jenelyn Russo     12/18/2017

Taryn Diep didn’t begin golfing until her sophomore year of high school, and she has her father to thank for introducing her to the sport. 

“My dad has always been an avid golfer,” says Diep, “so he took me out to the driving range…and I was inspired to join the team.” 



The Cornelia Connelly High School junior is already making her mark on the course after being named a 1st Team All-League honoree in the Del Rey League last year, a trend Diep hopes to continue. Getting a later start in the sport has posed challenges, but the 16-year old has been up to the task. 

“Sometimes it can be frustrating when I can’t hit the ball right…or I can’t hit the green,” says Diep. “I just have to remind myself that one mistake doesn’t define who I am as a golfer or as a person. It just means I have room for improvement and development.” 

Diep is a multi-sport athlete for the Koalas, as she’s also a member of the school’s varsity swim team. Attending Connelly has always been a dream for Diep, and she is excited to contribute to her campus as a student athlete. 

“I was embraced by the warm, loving community, and now that I actually attend Connelly, I have the opportunity to represent them in my sports and academics,” says Diep. “I just want to make them proud.” 

With her experience, Diep took on the role this season of mentor to her younger, newer teammates, often going above and beyond to help them improve their skills. 

“Taryn is a vital player on Connelly’s team and has improved in ability, consistency and confidence from last year. I expect that she will continue this trend, even during the offseason,” says Connelly head golf coach, David Jueneman. “I see Taryn as being a very responsible and determined athlete and student, two traits that will serve her well beyond Connelly.” 

Although she’s had limited time in the sport, golf has helped Diep with a variety of skills. 

“I’ve gained a lot of patience and a lot more concentration to apply to my schoolwork,” says Diep. “I’ve also gained a lot of leadership and teaching skills. I’ve continued to play because [golf] develops me more as a person.” 

Outside of athletics, Diep serves through Project Vietnam Foundation, a nonprofit humanitarian organization working to create sustainable pediatric healthcare in Vietnam. Her focus after high school is to attend medical school and become a doctor, but Diep plans to continue golfing and swimming recreationally. 

Her faith through prayer brings Diep confidence on the course and inspires her team to do their best, no matter the outcome. She’s grateful to her parents for supporting her golf endeavors. 

“My parents are my biggest inspiration,” says Diep. “They supported me and let me join the team. They’re always there to give me a helping hand.”