Connelly sophomore plays both basketball and volleyball

By Jenelyn Russo     4/9/2018

With plenty of energy to burn as a young child, Lucia Munoz’s parents had her try a number of different sports, and it was basketball that caught her attention as a fifth grader. 

“I wasn’t taking it really seriously at first,” says Munoz. “Then I noticed I liked it a lot…so I started taking it more seriously.” 



The Cornelia Connelly High School sophomore plays defense for the Koalas, and her strong competitive nature is the perfect fit for the position. 

“I like that position because…you’re a lot more aggressive,” says Munoz. “It’s fun and you get to help out your team.” 

The concepts of family, friendship and a “team first” approach are common threads for Munoz as a member of Connelly’s varsity basketball team. The support she receives from teachers and classmates makes her thankful to attend the school. 

“I’m honored and blessed to be at Cornelia Connelly right now,” says Munoz. “The teachers are very supportive. The coaches are very amazing. The environment is just amazing. I’m a student and an athlete…I’m very grateful.” 

In what has been her first year at Connelly, Munoz found it a challenge to keep her passionate attitude in check. She has her school, coaches and teammates to thank for helping her gain control. 

“The environment there is so peaceful,” says Munoz. “My [positivity] has increased a lot. My attitude is more peaceful now.” 

Connelly’s varsity basketball coach, Megan Marrujo, coaches Munoz in both basketball and volleyball and has the utmost respect for the 15-year old. 

“Lucia is an incredible athlete who brings so much natural talent to our program,” says Marrujo. “She brings a strong presence to every practice and game, and her positive spirit towards her teammates and the game play a huge role. She is extremely competitive, and that is evident when you watch her play. She has accomplished so much in only her first year with us at Connelly, and I can’t wait to watch her grow over the next two years.” 

Munoz would like to pursue becoming a physical therapist and hopes to remain a student athlete while in college. Coming from a large family, she is inspired by her parents, as well as her aunt, who is supporting Munoz in attending Connelly. The Garden Grove resident also looks up to American professional beach volleyball player and three-time Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings for her work ethic. 

“She’s a very hard worker, and that’s what I admire about her,” says Munoz of Walsh Jennings. 

Munoz relies on her faith as an athlete and student, and being able to attend Connelly reflects that commitment. 

“Faith is a big role in my life, especially when it comes to sports,” says Munoz. “I love how faith really does impact everything. We still thank him, no matter what happens. It still impacts to this day, and I’m very grateful for that.”