Meet Connelly’s 3-year varsity golf standout Emily Lee

By Jenelyn Russo     12/23/2016

Emily Lee’s introduction to golf came from her father, whose love for the game inspired him to get his daughter out on the links at a young age.

“When I was little, my dad really liked golf,” says Lee. “So he wanted to teach me. I started lessons, and from then on, I started playing.”


The three-year varsity golfer for Cornelia Connelly High School has found her own love for the sport, and as a high school athlete, Lee balances competing both as an individual and a member of a team.

“I always try to play my best,” says Lee of her approach to her team’s matches. “We always encourage our team to play their best too.”

The benefit of the team aspect of golf allows for the 16-year-old to bond with her fellow Koalas, as well as create a lifetime of memories, whether it’s during practice rounds at Dad Miller Golf Course in Anaheim or in Del Rey League matches.

“The time we have to bond with the team…and we make new friends,” says Lee of what she enjoys the most about representing Connelly as a golfer. “Honestly, we still want to show everyone that we’re good, even though we’re a small school.”

Being a student athlete has many rewards, but is not without its challenges. Juggling practice with academic responsibilities as well as extra curricular commitments has forced the junior golfer to become skilled in the area of time management.

“Most of my challenges [have been] with my schedule,” says Lee. “Trying to manage my time doing golf, trying to do homework and go to other clubs, that was hard for me.”

Some of Lee’s passions away from the golf course include participating on Connelly’s Mock Trial team and serving as a member of the school’s ASB and Ambassador programs. Golf has taught the Fullerton resident the patience and persistence that is required for the sport and for life, and that working consistently to become better can be the best motivator.

“Making the best of the time,” says Lee of lessons learned from golf. “We might not play the best, but we know we can always improve on that.”

When it comes to role models in Lee’s life, she looks to the one who gave her the early start in golf, her father. His instruction, encouragement and understanding of the nuances of a distinctly mental sport have given Lee the direction she’s needed to navigate the challenges that come with being a golfer.

“The person [who] motivates and inspires me is my dad,” says Lee, “because he taught me (golf) from a young age. He motivates me to do better and tells me that I do great out there.”