Connelly soccer standout is a three-sport athlete

By Jenelyn Russo     10/8/2018

Getting her start in soccer at the age of five through AYSO in the city of La Habra, Daisy Ibarra appreciates the life lessons she has learned from the game. 

“If I have a goal in life, I’m capable of doing it,” says Ibarra. “I know that if I put hard work and determination into it, I’ll achieve it, just like I’m doing in soccer.” 

The Cornelia Connelly High School junior plays right defender for the Koalas and enjoys the adrenaline she gets when facing opponents. The varsity player has played for many teams over the 11 years she been in the sport, but no team more special than her high school team. 

“Knowing that I play with such an amazing, great team that has so much courage, and all of our supportive coaches and faith as well, plays a key role,” says the 16-year-old. 

Some of Ibarra’s toughest challenges in soccer have come in the form of believing in both herself and her team, a stumbling block that has she has worked through with the help of Connelly’s head soccer coach, Evelyn Gomez.  

“She knows that I can do so much,” says Ibarra of Gomez. “Even though I don’t believe in myself, she does. I appreciate all the love and support that she gives, not only to me, but to my team. It’s believing that your team and you can do it together. Soccer is a team effort and sport.” 

In Ibarra, Gomez sees not only a skilled player, but a leader as well. 

“Daisy motivates her teammates, and she always worries about how they are doing and how they are performing,” says Gomez. “She pushes herself to be the best she can be, and by doing that, pushes her teammates. This season I’ve been asking more from them. I’ve been pushing them more, and Daisy has delivered, like she always does. She always does what is expected and more. She is an amazing athlete and a pleasure
to coach.” 

Ibarra is a three-sport athlete at Connelly, spending her fall season running cross-country and her spring season in the pool as part of the Koalas’ swim team. The La Habra resident serves her campus as a Connelly Ambassador and a member of the Spanish National Honor Society. In her community, Ibarra is a part of the La Habra Teen Leaders Program, volunteers at The Children’s Museum at
La Habra and is an alter server at her church. 

Ibarra hopes to pursue pediatrics as a career path and will likely continue running recreationally. She appreciates the love and support from her parents and acknowledges that praying as a team keeps them motivated. 

“My faith is a key role in sports and out of sports,” says Ibarra. “When I know God has heard us as a team, he is there to protect us. He’s there to support us.”