Connelly junior is a two-sport athlete who excels in soccer and volleyball

By Jenelyn Russo     1/17/2019

Before Chloe Webb began high school, she didn’t have much experience playing organized sports. But joining her sisters at Cornelia Connelly gave Webb a different perspective on athletics and she decided on a whim to try out for the school’s soccer team. 

“When I first started high school, I felt I was very un-athletic and very clueless as to how to be on a team sport,” says Webb. “But this team is incredible. I’ve never had this experience before. We’re all super close. We talk like we’re family all the time…and I ended up starting that year because I pushed myself.” 

Now a two-sport athlete for the Koalas, Webb spends her fall seasons on the volleyball court and her winters on the soccer field where she plays midfielder or forward. The one who showed up to tryouts without a pair of cleats is now an integral part of Connelly’s varsity soccer squad and recently scored her first-ever goal. 

“Chloe is a player that I can count on,” says Connelly head soccer coach, Evelyn Gomez. “It doesn’t matter where I position her on the field, I know for a fact that she will give me her best. You can see how much she cares about the team and how much she wants to improve when she plays. She is exactly what the team needs at times, bringing an energy that spreads to every individual on the team. Chloe leads by example and comes to practice every day ready to work hard and to improve.” 

Webb’s spirited approach to her game, something she credits to also playing volleyball, allows her to be a vocal communicator on the field. Always looking to improve her stamina and footwork, the Connelly junior has learned how to bring together teammates who vary widely in experience and skill. 

“Soccer has taught me not to judge people and to work hard in whatever you do,” says Webb. “We want to improve our communication and how we work together as a team on the field.” 

Outside of athletics, Webb is heavily involved on her campus including serving as ASB Commissioner of Activities, Connelly Ambassador, Mock Trial team member and CC-TV anchor, where she helps produce a weekly newscast for the school.  

“I always love representing Connelly, whatever it is, my extracurriculars, or as an athlete,” says the 16-year-old. “I just love my school, and I love being able to play without fear of being judged.” 

Webb also enjoys art, playing guitar and songwriting, and looks to pursue a career in communications while continuing to play recreational sports in college. She credits the student athlete experience at Connelly for strengthening her faith and Coach Gomez for changing her worldview for the better. 

“My coach is so passionate about the sport and the team,” says Webb. “She’s taught me about passion and now passion is what drives everything I do.”