Connelly soccer standout says she loves everything about the sport

By Jenelyn Russo     3/22/2018

 Getting her start as a four-year-old in a local AYSO program, Catherine Hoyos has found her own love for soccer in a family that has a true passion for the sport. 

“I keep playing soccer because my family loves the sport, so it really grew on me,” says Hoyos. “I love everything about it. Just the thrill I get when playing, even when watching.” 



Hoyos is a junior at Cornelia Connelly High School and plays in net for the Koalas. The goalkeeper position gives her a unique perspective on the field. 

“I think what I enjoy most about it is that being goalie you have the best view of the whole field,” says the 17-year-old. “You get to see all the different directions that the ball comes.” 

Hoyos served in her first year as a captain this season, and as she leads her teammates, she is mindful of her attitude, utilizing constructive criticism in her motivation. 

“I think it’s very important to be a leader, not only on the field, but off the field as well because it really carries through your energy,” says Hoyos. “That’s always important.” 

Connelly head soccer coach Evelyn Gomez acknowledges that Hoyos is a crucial part of the team, showing up in big games when her team needs her to make the critical plays. 

“As a captain this year, Catherine did a great job motivating and leading her team,” says Gomez. “I love her determination and perseverance. If she made a mistake, she wouldn’t let it get her down. She would work on it, and when the next game came around, she fixed her mistake. She is such a great player to coach, always eager to learn and always willing to go above and beyond. A coach can’t ask for more than Catherine’s dedication and hard work.” 

Hoyos also leads on campus as the intraschool representative on ASB, helping to coordinate events and activities between Connelly, Servite High School and Rosary Academy. She also serves as the co-president of the Spanish National Honor Society and as an alter server in her parish. Her faith is an active component of her life as a soccer player. 

“In preparation and competition, my faith is definitely a huge aspect of it,” says the Downey resident. “I think it’s important to keep my faith inside of me and carry out that faith in whatever I do.” 

Hoyos hopes to attend Loyola Marymount University and study education and business. She would love to continue her career in soccer as either a player or a coach. When it comes to role models, it is her younger sisters, Penelope and Chloe, who inspire her. 

“Everything they do, they do it with a passion,” says Hoyos of her sisters. “I always love their energy and their positive spirits. They are what keep me going.”