Jenelyn Russo

By Rosary Academy volleyball captain says sport is "all in the family"     10/30/2017

Playing volleyball has always been all in the family for Brittney Pinzon. 

“All of my cousins played volleyball, so it was something we all could do together,” says Pinzon. “I decided to get into it so we could all play together.” 

The Rosary Academy senior and four-year varsity player is a setter for the Royals, where she can lead, take responsibility on the court and be involved in nearly every play. Her love for the game has grown well beyond playing the sport with her family. 

“I really have a passion for this sport. I remember when I was playing when I was younger, it was something my whole family could do,” says Pinzon. “But now it’s just something I love to do.” 

As a senior captain on the team, the 17-year-old is a calm presence when needed most. 

“Off the court, I like to lead people towards being academically sound, always putting 100% into everything that they do,” says Pinzon. “On the court as well, I want people to work hard, do their best. I love the game and am very passionate about it, but I also want everyone to stay calm and know that everything we do is going to be good.” 

Rosary head varsity volleyball coach, Filip Tomicic, feels Pinzon handles the role of captain with a leadership style that represents the Royals well. 

“Every day Brittney walks in the gym she demonstrates what passion, teamwork, and hard work should look like,” says Tomicic. “She is nothing less than a leader both on and off the court. As a captain in our varsity program, she is one who leads by example and never lets a day go by without encouraging the person next to her.” Pinzon says that playing volleyball for her high school is the most fun she has all year. She’s using her final season as a Royal to help get her mental game where she feels it needs to be before heading off to college. 

“I think volleyball has taught me endurance, that you have to push through things even when they get hard. There are going to be obstacles in your life. There are going to be people that are different that you have to get along with. I always remember that playing is going to be good for me. It’s such a big part of my life that I never ever want to let it go.” 

Outside of her time on the court, the Fullerton resident enjoys refereeing youth volleyball tournaments as well as playing the ukulele. Her goals are to continue playing the sport in college, along with studying business administration. God is her “rock,” and her sister is her inspiration. 

“My sister really inspires me because she figured out her dreams when she was younger, and she’s been going for it ever since,” says Pinzon. “She’s a great role model for me.”