Connelly's sophomore standout continues to develop as a player

By Jenelyn Russo     8/7/2017

With a sister already on the softball diamond and a family heavily involved in the sport, it was just a matter of time before Brigid Reilly got her chance to shine. 

“I saw [my sister] playing and decided I wanted to try myself,” says Reilly. “I’ve been playing since.” 



The Cornelia Connelly High School sophomore made an instant impact on the school’s softball program, playing third base and batting in the middle of the lineup during her freshman year for the Koalas. The short reaction time needed at the “hot corner,” as well as the long, accurate throw forced Reilly to make quick and accurate decisions. And that effort made her one of the most reliable members on the team. 

“Brigid was an important contributor as a freshman to our softball team,” says Connelly head softball coach, Jason Manley. “Her quiet, unassuming nature is key for a team to work together and gel. She does whatever the team needs.” 

And it’s the team aspect of the game, as well as being able to play for Connelly, that Reilly enjoys the most. 

“I really love the teamwork. I love that I get to represent the school that I love. It’s a tight community,” says the 15-year-old. “There’s always room for improvement. I can always keep building on what I’ve learned.” 

Reilly credits the sport with increasing her strength and confidence, especially on the mental side, as softball has shown her just how much she can achieve when she sets her mind on growth. 

“I can definitely tell that I’ve become much stronger because of softball, both as a person and physically,” says Reilly. “I also think that I’ve made a lot of improvements on how I think I can improve and how hard that I try.” 

In serving her campus, Reilly is a member of the Human Rights Club, where members work to help provide education opportunities for girls in India. She’s also a member of the Robotics Club and has a love for math, which will likely lead the Huntington Beach resident to study engineering or medicine in college.  

Since softball has been a family focus, she credits her parents for much of what she’s learned on and off the field. 

“The most inspiring people in my life are definitely my parents,” says Reilly. “My dad has worked really hard to keep my sister and me involved in softball. My mom…she has taught me on every aspect of life.” 

And Reilly’s faith keeps her grounded in the competitive world of sports, reminding her daily where her ability is derived.  

“Faith, it kind of drives me forward,” says Reilly. “When I pray…I want the best for us as a team. I also know that if we lose, it’s a humbling thing. I don’t really rely on God to do everything for me, but I know that he’s the reason why I can do everything.”