From the Bishop


By The Most Rev. Kevin W. Vann, Bishop of the Diocese of Orange     11/13/2020

Occasionally in the evening I need to make a trip to the Christ Cathedral campus to run an errand, and each time I do I am struck by the beauty of the lights from the quatrefoils shining in the dark of the evening. Even though, because of the pandemic, the level of activity at the cathedral is quite different than it was after its dedication more than a year ago, the lights still shine out at night. 

In these challenging days of the pandemic and related challenges, the light is symbolic of the light and faith of those in our local Church, and help so many find the path to go!  And that path leads us along the road to our salvation, which is why we are all here!   

I would like to share with you, with the above in mind, some words from Chiara Lubich, the foundress of the Focolare movement in Italy, and in which I am involved. From a publication entitled “Selected Writings,” Chiara shares the following reflections, which I believe are certainly pertinent to today in this moment: 



“ We need to enlarge our heart to the measure of the heart of Jesus. How much work that means! Yet this is the only thing necessary. When this is done, all is done. It means loving everyone we meet as God loves them. And since we live in time, we must love our neighbors one by one, without holding in our heart any leftover affection for the brother or sister met a moment before. It is the same Jesus, after all, whom we love in everyone. If anything leftover remains, it means that the preceding brother or sister was loved for our sake or for theirs…not for Jesus. …To have communion with our brother or sister is the second commandment, the one that comes immediately after the love of God, and is the expression of it.”  

I pray that our days of November, dedicated to all of the Faithful departed, will be days of remembrance and blessing for us. I just saw the movie “Coco” which illustrates with great and profound joy the reality, beauty and Faith behind the “Days of the Dead” (“Dia de los Muertos”). I would highly recommend it to be seen and enjoyed!  

God bless you these days and thank you for all. 


+Kevin W. Vann