International water charity drills wells in impoverished Uganda

By STAFF     7/31/2016

Wells Of Life Ambassador Terrance K. Barry on July 19 presented Bishop Vann with a gicleé entitled Joy at the Well. The event commemorated a well drilled at St. John the Baptist parish in rural Uganda in honor of Bishop Vann’s long time support of this Orange County-based international water charity that drills water wells in the rural Uganda region.

To date Wells Of Life, a nonprofit charity founded by Mr. Nick Jordan, has brought water to more than 225,000 people, and plans to serve more than 1 million by 2020. Uganda is a country that is approximately 40% Catholic and 80% Christian, and in dire need of clean water. Wells are drilled on the basis of a $6,000 contribution; every penny of which goes to drilling costs. The charity raises all funds through its Legacy Founders Program and other events throughout the year.

Also present were some of the Catholic community leaders who raised the money for the Bishop Vann well, including Tim Le Vecke, Rand Sperry, Burton Young, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick and  Geraldine McCullagh, Rob Redwitz, charity President Peter Callahan and board member Don Girskis. Father Max Ssekiwala, a board member, is the pastor of St. John the Baptist parish in the diocese of Mubende- Mitiyana,  Uganda, the location of the Bishop Vann well and 19 other wells placed by the charity in the last few months.

Bishop Vann also presented dedication plaques for wells drilled in honor of Sister Eymard Flood OSC, and it was accepted on her behalf by Mrs. Pat Smith and Mrs. Doris Gilda. The plaque commemorating the well drilled in honor of Sister Brid O’Shea, RSC, was accepted by Mrs. Portia Joseph and Sister Joan Hogan. Bishop Vann also presented a plaque to Sister Kit Gray memorializing a well drilled in honor of the Sisters of St. Joseph. Wells Of Life President Peter Callahan called attention to the motto of the order: “Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty” (John 6:35 ) and stated that the history of the country would be far poorer but for the many charitable works of the Sisters of St. Joseph.

Also present for the charity were a number of leaders in the Catholic community that contributed to funding Bishop Vann’s well.