Christ Cathedral



On Dec. 15, representatives of the Deaf, Blind, Disable and Indigenous People of the Americas communities, before given a tour of Christ Cathedral, were blessed by attending a Mass offered by Fr. Robert Spitzer. Accompanying us was also a mobility service dog.

From the outside, the Cathedral looks like a beacon of Christ’s hope, peace, joy and love. For many of us, we often feel we’re on the margins, unable to have access to this healing and comforting experience of being in Christ’s light. On that day, however, we were fully welcomed and embraced by this sacred place and all it had to offer. We’d like to thank Carrol Nuss, Fr. Spitzer and Sylvia Mendivil Salazar, Coordinator of the Office of Native American Concerns in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles ministry, for leading and
coordinating this tour.

Fr. Tom Schweitzer, Pastor of Holy Angels Church of the Deaf was on tour and also Deacon Garcia from the parish. It is the only personal parish for the Deaf in the country, located in Vernon, California. Fr. Schweitzer is also Chaplain for the Native American Catholics in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

In summary, being near the altar in the Cathedral, confirmed for us that we all have a place and purpose at Christ’s table and we feel blessed to have experienced that during this joyful season of Advent.

Contributing to the article are:
Sylvia Mendivil Salazar, Coordinator for Native American Concerns Archdiocese of Los Angeles Ministry