By Jenelyn Russo     10/31/2016

Tyler Lytle comes from a football family, so he sees it as only natural to be spending most of his days on the gridiron.

“I think what really got me into it is my dad played college football,” says Lytle. “I was probably about three years old when I started playing flag football. Then I started playing tackle football when I was six years old. That’s where I got my start.”


After trying a number of positions, Lytle focused in on quarterback and is the starting signal caller for Servite High School’s varsity football team.

“I think the quarterback position…it’s definitely not something you can do as an individual,” says Lytle. “It’s more of a team position, where you really have to focus on the team. You have to take care of everybody else as well as yourself.”

For Lytle, the primary reason behind his love for football is the competitiveness of the sport. The 18-year-old knows he gets some of the highest caliber competition week in and week out playing in the Trinity League, an experience he feels has more than prepared him for the rigors of life.

“I think…perseverance, discipline, really going after something and being competitive,” says Lytle of what football has taught him. “It’s a very competitive world, and I think it takes a competitive person to succeed.”

In his final year as a Friar, the senior hopes to shine the spotlight back on Servite football, and Lytle is determined to rise to the occasion and bring his teammates with him.

“Tyler has really developed as both a quarterback and as a leader for us this year at Servite,” says varsity head football coach, Scott Meyer. “He has a great command of our offense and is a positive influence on not only our offense, but the rest of the team as well.”

Sidelined with an injury during the latter part of last season, Lytle takes the challenges the game throws him as a way to become a stronger player.

“Mentally, I grew a lot in those few weeks,” says Lytle of recovering from his injury. “Overall, I think it made me [more mature], and I think I grew a lot in that process.”

After graduation next spring, Lytle plans to take the next steps in his academic and athletic careers with the Pac-12, as the Redondo Beach native has verbally committed to play football for Colorado alongside studying for a career in business. Grateful for the unending support of his family, Lytle is excited about his next chapter.

“I’ve always looked up to my dad, just how he provides for our family and how he’s supported me, no matter what, whatever endeavor I’ve been in, as well as my mom,” says Lytle. “I’ve been very fortunate to have great parents who have supported me in everything I’ve done.”