Drama showcases talents of students at St. Francis of Assisi School in Yorba Linda

By Staff     5/14/2018

What does three wishes, flying carpets and 100 genies create? A magical production of Aladdin, Jr. by St. Francis of Assisi School in Yorba Linda, in collaboration with Janice Kraus, Stagelight Family Productions. 

This is the second annual production for the eager students at St. Francis. The experience for our students who performed in the school’s first play was so terrific, and many students recounted enjoying working together and seeing each other’s talents off the school grounds. With participation growing from 80-125 actors this year, we outgrew the Forum theater and partnered with Anaheim Center for the Performing Arts at Servite in order to accommodate our budding junior thespians. 

Family and friends arrived in excited anticipation, but they could never have been prepared for the magical and vibrant performance that they were about to enjoy. From the moment the show began, audiences were transported to a bustling Agraba marketplace, alive with merchants selling their wares and townspeople scurrying about. This dazzling scene is where we first meet our quick-thinking protagonist Aladdin (Jude Emperado) and the spirited princess Jasmine (Isabella Real), as they began a journey of trust and faith together along with Aladdin’s furry little sidekick Abu (Sophia Carpio). 

Audiences were dazzled with the familiar song, “Friend Like Me,” and they found themselves singing along with over 100 brilliant and brightly colored genies. Aladdin and Jasmine took to the skies on a magic carpet ride, soaring through fog and bringing the audience along their journey. Through their mystical excursion, audience members experienced themes of redemption, hope, and reconciliation.  

Jeannette Lambert, Vice-Principal of St. Francis of Assisi School was thrilled to partner once again with Stagelight Family Productions, Brea to make performing arts a new tradition at school. “Students need a platform to express themselves in a unique way. Through performing arts, students can become someone else, share their feelings through song and dance, and work together in community for the good of the show. We see students shine brightly on stage, giving them a chance to build confidence and character.”