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Episode No. 64. Saturday, July 6, 2019. Maestro Carl St. Clair of the Pacific Symphony and All Things Beethoven!


Get ready for a spectacular concert with Maestro St. Clair, The Pacific Symphony and The Pacific Chorale in the sonic splendor of the newly renovated Christ Cathedral. This will be the first of many for this new partnership between Carl St Clair and Christ Cathedral. As well approach the 250th Anniversary of the first of the genius, Ludwig von Beethoven, there will be many concerts honoring this great composer. The pacific Symphony is performing Symphony 7 and 8, all of the Piano Concerti, and even an Overture….BUT Carl saved the Beethoven’s 9th Symphony (Choral) for the opening of Christ Cathedral. Don’t miss this concert, Thursday, August 1, 2019 at 7:30 PM. Tickets Available:

All of the music on Today’s show is from the 9th Symphony of Beethoven, recorded by Carl St. Clair conducting the Pacific Symphony and the Pacific Chorale.

Movement I. Allegro ma non troppo; un poco maestoso Beginning – m. 35. m. 74 – m. 107
Movement II. Molto vivace Beginning – Letter B (m. 77). m. 396 – m. 491 (First Ending)
Movement III. Andanto molto e cantabile Beginning – m. 18. Upbeat to m. 25 (3/4 Andante moderato) – m. 42 (fermata)
Movement IV Finale m. 92 ( Allegro assai) – m. 115. m. 216 – m. 236 (Baritone Entrance). m. 541 – m. 594 (Chorus). m. 851 – End


Episode 19   November 4, 2017     Carl St. Clair, Conductor of the Pacific Symphony

Hear from one of America’s longest tenured Symphony Conductors, Carl St. Clair. He is a musical treasure of the entire Orange County arts community and far, far beyond that as a beloved guest conductor of almost every major symphony in the US and Europe. Not only do we hear of his very earliest beginnings in music, but his working with the great Leonard Bernstein. Enjoy great memories with the early days of the Pacific Symphony and how it has become one of the prominent symphony orchestras of our time under St. Clair during his 28 years as Conductor and Artistic Director. He highlights two of this season’s coming concerts, “Cathedrals of Sound” built around the deeply religious composer, Anton Bruckner, and his Symphony No 8 and then he speaks a bit about the symphony’s historic trip to Carnegie Hall this year to celebrate the 80th birthday of Philip Glass with the piece commissioned for the opening of our own Segerstrom Concert Hall, The Passion of Ramakrishna.


MUSIC:   Greeting   Leonard Bernstein

MUSIC: There Will Be Rest   Frank Ticheli   Pacific Chorale, John Alexander, director

MUSIC: The Passion of Ramakrishna PROLOGUE   Philip Glass     Pacific Symphony and Pacific Chorale Carl St. Clair, Conductor

MUSIC: Symphony No. 8 II. Scherzo   Anton Bruckner Vienna Philharmonic, Herbert von Karajan