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Episode No. 67 Saturday, September 7, 2019 Libera Boy Choir with Robert Prizeman, their founder, conductor, composer and arranger and three of their wonderful singers: Cassius Collard, Tadhg Fitzgerald and Daniel White.

This year’s Libera visit to Christ Cathedral of course brought us an absolute sonic performance and luckily also brought us another wonderful radio program. Each year we find out a bit more about this spectacular group from its founding to its future CD’s and tours. Hear from Robert as well as three of the choristers about their tours, their vocal work, how they differ from other boy choirs, and even their philosophy for choosing the music they perform. You can hear in the boys just how much their membership in Libera means to them and just what it has done for these young men’s lives. Another astonishing example of how the gift of music can not only touch their audiences by the thousands all over the world, but also touches the hearts of these 40 wonderful young choristers.

Music today is from their two CD’s “HOPE” and “BEYOND”. available everywhere.
They are also featured in one piece on the Christ Cathedral Dedication CD which can be purchased on our website: LIBERA YouTube channel

MUSIC: In Paradisum Ben Robbins (Beyond)
MUSIC: Angel Robert Prizeman (Hope)
MUSIC: Mother of God Sir John Tavener (Beyond)
MUSIC: Voca Me Robert Prizeman (Beyond)
MUSIC: Benedictus Deus (Extended song from “The Greatest Miracle”) Mark McKenzie (Beyond)