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Episode No. 65. Saturday, August 10, 2019. Composers Normand Gouin and Rev. James Chepponis

Hear from these two enormously talented men who both composed music for the Dedication of Christ Cathedral. Each of these composers have served the church as parish musicians in several capacities. Normand in Philadelphia at St. Joseph Parish, as a college teacher and musician at Holy Cross College in Worcester MA, and now continues as composer and parish musician in New York City. Fr. Chepponis is the Diocesan Director of Music for the Diocese of Pittsburgh, a pastor and parish priest and still has time to be an organist and composer as well. These two incredibly busy men both readily accepted a commission to write music for cathedral’s dedication. Neither are strangers to receiving commissions from John Romeri. As long time friends, they have written numerous pieces for John from Papal Visits to the US to trips to Rome; from Bishop’s Ordinations and Installations to Chrism Mass antiphons. Enjoy a great hour with these two men who have dedication so much of their lives to writing music for the church. Hear how they go about composing music and just what inspires them. All of the music on today’s show is from the CD produced by Christ Cathedral Choirs from the Dedication.. Their new CD is beautifully produced on the Gothic label. Purchase your own copy at:

MUSIC: Entrance Antiphon (Ps 122) Let Us Go Rejoicing Peter Latona
MUSIC: Gloria from the Mass of the Transfiguration Normand Gouin (based upon Mass VIII)
MUSIC: Psalm 19 James Chepponis
MUSIC: I was Glad H.H. Parry
MUSIC: Agnus Dei from the Mass of the Transfiguration Normand Gouin (based upon Mass XVIII)
MUSIC: To Jesus Christ Our Sovereign King arr. James Chepponis