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Episode 30   February 17, 2018   Dr. Bob Gallagher serves as Minister of Music at the River Road Church in Richmond Virginia.  He is the former organist at St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Washington, DC and was a student of Crystal Cathedral’s own Fred Swann.


Dr. Bob Gallagher came to River Road Church as Minister of Music in August of 2011. He oversees the vibrant Music Ministry for children, youth, and adults. A native of Brooklyn, New York, Bob received a Bachelor of Music in Organ at the age of 20 from Manhattan School of Music, Master of Music in Organ from The Juilliard School, and a Doctor of Musical Arts from Catholic University of America. He also holds diplomas and prizes in Organ, Harpsichord, and Improvisation from the Conservatoire National de Region de Rueil-Malmaison. His teachers include Arnold Ostlund, Jr., Fred Swann, Gerre Hancock, and Peter Marshall. During his year in France, he studied with Marie-Claire Alain (organ), Huguette Dreyfus (harpsichord), and Jacqued Taddei (improvisation).

Bob served as Associate Director of Music at St. David’s Episcopal Church in Wayne, Pennsylvania for 10 years and as Minister of Music at Wayne United Methodist Church for 5 years. In Washington, D.C. he served for 8 years as Organist at the Cathedral of Saint Matthew the Apostle and also taught in the departments of Organ, Conducting, and Liturgical Music at The Catholic University of America. He served as Assistant Organist of St. Paul’s Chapel at Columbia University during his student years in New York.

Enjoy a great conversation between two long-time friends and colleagues. They talk about growing up Catholic; and, how just a few years around the time of the Vatican Council made a huge difference the influence of Sacred Music and the pipe organ. Tune in as another spectacular church musician comes to visit the Christ Cathedral Campus.


MUSIC: Fantasy on “Divinum Mysterium” Gerre Hancock   Dr. Bob Gallagher, Organist

MUSIC: Haec Dies – Sortie  Pierre Cocherau     Dr. Bob Gallagher, Organist

MUSIC: The House of Faith Has Many Rooms   Craig Phillips     River Road Church, Dr. Bob Gallagher, Organist-Choirmaster

MUSIC: Les Rameaux (The Palms) jean Langlais   Dr. Bob Gallagher, Organist