Priest Profile


Vicar General, Diocese of Orange, Christ Cathedral


Age: 60

Years in the priesthood:    35

Hometown: Santa Ana

Favorite pastime:

“Attempting to be as good a mechanic and fixer of things as my father was.”

 Favorite book: “The Brothers Karamazov” by Fyodor Dostoevsky

First job: Pool man

Favorite area of ministry:

“Discovering what needs to be done, or needs to be done better and creating

ways to bring folks together to make it happen.”

Favorite scripture:   Genesis 32: 22-32, in which Jacob wrestles with an angel.

First car:  1950 Ford pickup

His greatest challenge:  “To get out of the way of the Holy Spirit.”

His most memorable experience:

“The most profound awakening for me was the conviction that it would be

inspired laity and clergy who would lead the Church in reforming itself, not

just clergy.”