They ran to raise support and awareness for vocations

By STAFF     2/6/2020

St. Michaels Abbey Norbertine priests and seminarians triumphed in the Jan. 26 Spartan Race at Prado Regional Park in Chino. They ran in the world-renowned race to raise support and awareness for vocations. Five seminarians and seven priests participated. 

The Spartan Race is considered to be the global leader in obstacle course races. The teams from St. Michaels Abbey competed in 20 obstacles over a three-mile distance. 

Fr. Prior Chrysostom said of the race: The most exhilarating challenge is overcoming oneself. Nothing challenges you like a Spartan race. We loved our first group attempt and look forward to doing it again in the future. 

Seminarian frater Pavel Blain added: Losing to Fr. Ambrose is not as much fun as it sounds, but running with and encouraging my brothers was just like our community life. 

The seminarians who participated were frater Abel Cobo, O.Praem (San Dimas, CA – 1st year of Philosophy), frater Athanasius Inman, O.Praem (Leander, TX – College studies), frater Gerard Juhasz, O.Praem (Wilton, CT – Apostolic year), frater Pavel Blain, O.Praem (Albuquerque, NM – Apostolic year), and frater Silvan Kopp, O.Praem (Johnstown, PA – Apostolic year). 

The Norbertine priests who participated included Fr. Joachim Aldaba, Fr. Prior Chrysostom, Fr. Miguel Batres, Fr. Ambrose Criste, Fr. Charbel Grbavac, Fr. John Henry Hanson, and Fr. Justin Ramos. 

The team surpassed their goal of raising $30,000, which will go to the support of vocations. 



36:13 — Fr. Ambrose (1st in age group and 5th overall) 

37:28 — frater Pavel (3rd in age group) 

39:09 — frater Gerard (8th in age group) 

43:33 — frater Abel (4th in age group) 

45:15 — frater Athanasius (6th in age group) 

51:15 — Fr. Justin (16th in age group) 

1:03:48 — Fr. Prior (69th in age group 

1:03:57 — Fr. Joachim (182nd in age group) 

1:05:07 — Fr. John Henry (76th in age group) 

1:13:42 — frater Jeremiah (273rd in age group) 

1:13:43 — Fr. Miguel (274th in age group)