Casa Teresa is beneficiary of students’ support during Advent

By Elise Peffer, 8th Grader, St. Edward the Confessor Parish School     1/7/2020

A  home means so much. A home can give a sense of stability, comfort, peace and most of all love. Casa Teresa gives many who are struggling a safe home by supporting pregnant women in crisis. They accept many applicants who are in need of a place to stay during their journey of pregnancy and early life of their newborns. With the help of their empowering team including counselors, doctors, and coordinators, Casa Teresa embraces these women who, through a rough past, are willing and dedicated to rebuilding their lives for themselves and for their babies. Through the grace of God and with hope, Casa Teresa teaches these women confidence to find power in decision making for their future, and to find their true happiness. With these life skills families and communities have the ability to thrive. 

In recent years St. Edward the Confessor Parish School has developed a partnership with this wonderful organization to provide help for the mothers in need. In December the students were involved in a holiday drive for Casa Teresa for their monthly schoolwide stewardship project. Each grade, third to eighth, was assigned a mother and baby to bring love and compassion to during the holiday season. Many of the students and their families purchased items such as gift cards, baby clothes, toys, pacifiers, diapers, books, and much more, as donations to these families. In total, the school provided Christmas gifts for 26 moms and 29 babies. 

St. Edward School encourages its students to not only be grateful for what God has given, but to give back to the community. Service is an important life skill that is amplified through the studentsvolunteer work. 

During Advent season, we are called by God to prepare for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ,said Mr. Tom Waszak, St. Edward the Confessor Parish School Principal. Jesus never failed to help those in need. He never judged those who were lost or struggling. He always showed his love toward others. By doing service with organizations like Casa Teresa, we are called to be like Jesus through our gifts, actions, and compassion. 

Another example of this is that eighth graders are able to sign up for regular service projects during the school day, including Casa Teresa. This year Casa Teresa hosted a gala to raise money and celebrate the growth and impact of the program. In visiting the organization, eighth graders were educated on Casa Teresa and the service it delivers.