By Staff     6/12/2018


St. Cecilia School values the importance of a STEM education for all students. Its STEM program engages its students through hands-on learning. Its goal is to inspire its students to become 21st century learners who are skilled in communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.  

Over the next three years, the STEM program will be growing and the school is working to further integrate the four components of STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).  

St. Cecilia School, in collaboration with St. Polycarp Catholic School, has been accepted into the 2018 Trustey Family STEM Teaching Fellows program. Jessica Deutschel and Elba Singleton from St. Cecilia School, together with Dalyna Lam from St. Polycarp Catholic School, will be participating in this three-year program to improve STEM teaching and learning for all students. The three modules of the program include STEM integration, Core instructional practices, and the creation of a STEM impact plan. The instruction the teachers receive during the program will have a positive impact on student learning in both schools.  

During the course of the Trustey Family STEM Teaching Fellows program, our teachers will gain knowledge in building a STEM curriculum. As a result, students will participate in problem-based, real-world inspired, engaging STEM activities. Students will have the opportunity to work through the Engineering Design Process that includes exploring, researching, designing, creating, testing, and improving. Students will see the clear connection between the subject areas allowing them to have a deeper and better understanding of the content. Overall, students will grow in their problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills, which will help better prepare them for their future.  

St. Cecilia School is excited to embark on this journey and is looking forward to building its STEM program to further benefit its students!