Christ Cathedral


Bishop Vann and Fr. Christopher Smith thanks cathedral construction workers with special blessing and luncheon

By Kimberly Porrazzo     6/6/2018

The construction crew working on the renovation of Christ Cathedral reached a milestone in mid-May. They have collectively logged 100,000 hours of work on the cathedral and have done so without a single accident or injury.  




Bishop Kevin Vann and Fr. Christopher Smith, episcopal vicar and rector at Christ Cathedral, decided to celebrate both by hosting a catered luncheon for the crew on the patio of the Cultural Center. 

Some 150 hungry workers enjoyed a lunch of barbecued roast beef sandwiches, hamburgers, Cole slaw and baked beans, provided by nearby Lucille’s restaurant. Before lunch Bishop Vann, who donned one of the commemorative t-shirts given to each worker, offered a blessing for the food and for the crew. 

As they enjoyed their lunch, Fr. Chris expressed his gratitude for the work done to date. 

“I admire your work so much,” he said. “What you are doing is sacred work. It’s important for people to feel God’s presence.” 

Fr. Chris noted that each Sunday, more than 10,000 people attend Masses on the campus. “Even more will come when the cathedral is done,” he said. “You will, for generations to come, be a part of people’s lives.”