Parishioners gather to honor victims of human trafficking

By Rosemary Warren Lewallen     2/28/2020

Health ministry’s bridge of light: Human Trafficking to Human Triumph Ministry held a Solidarity Walk and Prayer Vigil to honor victims of human trafficking on Feb. 8 at St. Irenaeus Catholic Church in Cypress. About 65 people attended, including Senator Ling Ling Chang and current Cypress City Councilwoman and former Mayor Stacy Berry. 

The theme was to shine a light on the human suffering caused by human trafficking, by informing the public about the reality of this heinous crime and to remind all that is often hidden in our midst.  

The goal was for us to become the light of hope to victims to help them find healing and a new life. The solidarity walk started in the church with Taize prayer and then the candle-lit walkers, led by Fr. Aaron Galvizo, proceeded outside with prayers and song to several prayer stations where true stories of human trafficking victims were told. We ended the procession in the Education Building, where resources were available and a table of Fair Trade items was on display.