Christ Cathedral


Attendees signed the cement flooring of Christ Cathedral with messages of thanks and prayer requests

By STAFF     2/17/2017

Hundreds of the faithful watched as Bishops Kevin Vann and Timothy Freyer blessed the interior of Christ Cathedral on Friday afternoon, Feb 11. Assisting in the ceremony were Father Steve Sallot and Father Christopher Smith. The blessing of the sanctuary signaled that the next phase of renovation is about to begin.



Bishop Vann, referring to the late Rev. Robert Schuller, founder of the Crystal Cathedral, said: “ He wanted this property to remain a place of Christian worship…We now are able to move forward to meet the needs of the growing community.”

The Diocesan Children’s Choir sang from the steps of the future sanctuary as Bishops Vann and Freyer used incense to bless the perimeter of the interior of the structure.

Following the blessing, attendees were provided with felt markers so they could write their messages of hope and love on the floor of the sanctuary. As the renovation continues and new floor tiles are laid, the signatures and prayers will be covered, but they will remain in the foundation of the cathedral for centuries to come.