The Life Center of Santa Ana lives its mission

By Cruz Rios III     10/1/2018

The Life Center of Santa Ana is a 501-C3 organization that works with young women through adults, especially new mothers facing difficult choices during and after their pregnancies. 

Since opening in 1975, more than 50,000 women, family members and prospective fathers have come to the Life Center for assistance at an extremely difficult time in their lives. The Center provides a confidential and loving environment in which to discuss the challenges they will face in carrying their child to term.  

Through a network of medical and community referrals, needed care is made available while the Life Center continues to provide on-going support and follow-up care. 

Life Center provides counseling, pregnancy tests and referrals to medical pregnancy clinics for ultrasounds and assistance to carry babies full-term.  

The Center also offers referrals for resources for housing, food distributors, employment and educational opportunities. 

Life Center also provides needed material support in the form of clothing, diapers, blankets, car seats and more to both pregnant and new mothers referred by Orange County Social Services, hospitals, churches, school districts and numerous family support programs.  

The Life Center has also developed a Crib Assistance Program for high-risk newborns discharged from UCI Medical Center and CHOC St. Joseph’s Hospital and Global (Western) Medical Center and all Orange County hospitals.  

These infants have no bed in which to sleep after discharge, placing them at risk. Many such fragile infants have monitoring equipment that mandates a bed of their own. 

The Life Center is affiliated with the Office of Life, Justice and Peace with Diocese of Orange. It maintains a schedule of quarterly meetings with all Respect Life representatives who attend from all parishes in the Diocese of Orange.  

Life Center services are based on Respect for Life as sacred and given by God. This philosophy guides all volunteers and programs. 

Consider supporting the “Life Center of Santa Ana.” All donations are tax deductible. Visit lifecenterofsantaana.com to learn more. 

“Life is our most precious gift. Contributing is sharing. It’s giving back. It heals hearts! It’s called, making a difference.”