By STAFF     11/23/2015

Here is our 2015 second annual list of unique Christmas gift ideas for all of the Catholics in your life.

The list was carefully curated by OC Catholic editors and it even includes a Bluetooth speaker that features the Christ Cathedral campus!




One Decade Rosary

This is an original and unique Seraphym Heirloom one decade rosary. Each bead is hand-wired for longevity. The beads are genuine high quality 16mm Blue Fire agates and 6 & 10mm garnet Swarovski crystals. The centerpiece medal is solid bronze hand-cast, double-sided design depicting our Lady of Guadalupe and The Sacred Heart of Jesus. The medal at the end of the rosary is a double-sided design depicting a Guardian angel walking with a young child and the six-winged Seraphim angel. The crucifix is a solid bronze double-sided design depicting Jesus Christ on one side, and our Blessed Mother Mary with child Jesus on the other side. A trademark solid Bronze Seraphym Angel Wing charm is attached to serve as a reminder for us to share our wings with those who have lost their own. Each item is custom made and therefore takes 7-10 days before shipment goes out.

From occdiocesestore.com. $279





Christ Cathedral Postcard Set

The beauty of the Christ Cathedral campus is capture in stunning photography that has been used to create this gift pack of postcards. From the statuary to the architecture to the sacred spaces, each postcard is a collectible itself. 10 postcards per pack.

From occdiocesestore.com $10 per pack of 10.




Scent of a Pontiff 

Admit it, guys: in your heart of hearts you’ve always wanted to exude that almost indefinable aura of both benign authority and genuine humility, that elusive combination of grit, greatness and goodness. Now you can with one of three fragrances inspired by popes and available from Excelsis USA Fine Fragrances. Newest from San Rafael-based Excelsis is Francis, blended in honor of a certain pontiff of the same name. Excelsis describes the cologne as “an engaging, fresh fragrance with a citrusy top note of bergamot and a soft, woody drydown of sandalwood. Smooth and soothing. A grand aftershave.” Two other papal fragrances are available: Benedictus, named for the pope emeritus, and “The Pope’s Cologne,” a scent “made from the private formula of Pope Pius IX.”

From excelsisusa.com. $27




Real Men Pray Coffee Mug

We all know that one guy in our life. One who’s strong, morally upright and reliable. Whether he’s a father, brother or son, layman or man of the cloth, he deserves recognition for his convictions. “#1 Dad” is so last century. “Real Men Pray” is the slogan for the now.

From catholiccompany.com. $14.95




The Gifts of the Magi 

We’re not talking about the presents in the O. Henry short story here. This is the real stuff, the three precious gifts the kings from the east brought to the infant Jesus: gold, frankincense and myrrh, all encased in a resinware music box. On the lid is a bas-relief of the Magi following the Star of Bethlehem. Inside are three pockets containing the three gifts. The music box plays classical guitar renditions of “We Three Kings” and “Joy To the World.” Batteries are included.

From monasterygreetings.com. $69.95




The Hope Box

“Our days on earth are like a shadow without hope.” (1 Chronicles 29:15) Sometimes we all need a little reminder. Keep your earthly treasures safe in this refined box emblazoned with the one thing we all need, and should always have.

From saddlebackresources.com. $39.99




Cantate Domino – La Capella Sistina e la Musica Dei Papi 

A truly historical album, this collection of music is available by kind permission of the Vatican. Recorded in the Sistine Chapel by the Chapel’s resident choir, Cantate Domino includes some of the world’s most beautiful music, including the debut recording of Allegri’s Miserere, performed as it would have been sung in the early 17th century, as well as world premiere recordings and previously unpublished works by Palestrina, Allegri and de Victoria.

From christianbook.com. $13.99




Sign of the Cross T-shirt 

“Spectacles… bifocals…? How does it go?” Never forget the Sign of the Cross again with this handsome t-shirt. A simple design with a subtle message that reinforces your faith.

From occdiocesestore.com. $10




Trappist Monk Beer 

Believe it or not, there are only twelve kinds of beer in the world that bear the label “Trappist.” To hold that honor, a beer must be brewed within the walls of a Trappist monastery or abbey by the monks themselves, among other strict criteria.

From monasterygreetings.com. From $3.95 per bottle. (Rules and regulations apply to ordering alcohol through the mail.)




Onsia Christ Cathedral Bluetooth Surround Art Wireless Speaker 

A new and beautiful addition to any home, this wireless Bluetooth speaker system is indistinguishable from a canvas art piece. The ONSIA Sound Art comes with a rechargeable high-capacity Li-Ion batter and charger. A single charge lasts 45 days, allowing you to leave it on standby mode and play music whenever you want. Bring the beauty of Christ Cathedral into your home.

From occdiocesestore.com. Holiday special $189.99, plus shipping and handling.



2015 Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange Directory

Everything you need to know about the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, including contact information, parish information, ministry information and more.

From occdiocesestore.com $24 each