Student-athlete and Servite High School volleyball star

By Jenelyn Russo     3/23/2015

With an older sister who played volleyball, Jett Dulac spent many of his younger days tagging along to her games. He used to take the volleyballs to play with his friends, and worked tirelessly at trying to hit the ball over the net.

Now a senior at Servite High School, the varsity volleyball player has plenty of years of experience in the game, but has no problem staying motivated when it comes to playing in the highly competitive Trinity League.

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“The thing that keeps me most motivated is the challenge,” says Dulac. “The fact that every day I get to go and play against the top players in Orange County, it’s just an amazing feeling.”

At six feet, Dulac sometimes feels his height may be somewhat of a disadvantage in playing the outside hitter position, but it’s not a challenge that slows the 18-year old down. Servite’s head varsity volleyball coach, Matt Marrujo, says that Dulac’s contribution to the team is evident.

“Jett is a very unselfish young man. He always puts the needs of the team above his own needs,” says Marrujo. “He is a great competitor and brings a lot of energy to our team. He has an amazing ability to make plays that help our team be very successful.”

From the court to the pool, Dulac also represents the Friars as a member of the varsity water polo team, and feels a strong responsibility comes with wearing the Servite crest.

“I’m representing everything I do by being a part of that brotherhood at Servite,” says Dulac. “One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned [in athletics] is being a part of a team. Once I leave, they will still be a part of my family.”

Dulac also has had the opportunity to lead his campus while gaining valuable business experience as a member of Servite’s Trinity Corporation Executive Team, a for-profit, student-led model corporation that raises financial aid for the 300 students that participate in its Work Study Program.

As Vice President of Food Services, Dulac is in charge of a staff of nearly 40 people who work at the school’s cafeteria and snack bars, serving food to the more than 900 students, staff and teachers on campus.

Dulac is currently a candidate for the Air Force Academy, and if granted admission, plans on competing for the Falcons in volleyball, as well as studying aerospace engineering en route to becoming a pilot.

The Huntington Beach resident is grateful for his faith and his family, especially his brother; when the Dulacs experienced a family crisis, it was his older brother who took the reins of the household in hand, paying bills and managing chores. Dulac says his brother continues to inspire him daily.

“He never did a single thing for himself,” says Dulac of his brother. “He only did it for me and my family.”