By Larry Urish     8/15/2016

Those with even a smidgen of curiosity will be stopped in their tracks as they stroll past one unique Fountain Valley home. Maybe the assortment of Biblical verses and spiritual proverbs she’s meticulously painted on the driveway will bring passersby to a halt. Or perhaps the elaborate shrine to Jesus, framed in a white wooden trellis and surrounded by an assortment of flowers, will compel them to pause. Those more inquisitive may head up the driveway toward the entry to admire her one-of-a-kind rock mosaic adorned with more proverbs. Some will be puzzled, others transfixed.

But those who stop to take in the scene can never realize that what they’re seeing is not a really home, at least not in the conventional sense. Rather, they’re viewing a grand shrine to God and Jesus – created by years of strenuous work, enormous sacrifice and unyielding devotion – that just so happens to be inhabited by Angela Nguyen and her two sons.

Prior to her spiritual epiphany four years ago, Angela, a parishioner at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, had lacked experience in painting, mosaics, tile work, lettering, brickwork, woodwork and gardening. When asked how she’s done it all, she says, “Jesus showed me everything. [He] gave me the exact directions on how to do all of this.”

The sidewalk alone is remarkable. Several verses and proverbs are lettered onto a warm backdrop of orange and pink, blue and purple. It’s the work of someone with years of experience.

“I didn’t have the words,” Angela says. “Jesus gave me the words. Jesus made my hand move. I really didn’t do it.”

The house’s interior showcases paintings that depict biblical scenes, as well as an assortment of candles and sculptures. Another shrine, located in front of her fireplace, is composed of religious paintings, pictures, candles and sculptures. Two fully furnished bedrooms, Angela says, await spiritual visitors who have yet to arrive. The backyard has more verses and proverbs with the same colorful backdrop, along with lush greenery and a pearl-adorned shrine honoring Mother Mary.