By Nikki Nguyen     11/8/2019

In celebration of Respect Life Month, the JSerra Catholic High School community welcomed pro-life leader and human rights activist Lila Rose to its Speaker Series on Oct. 17 for “Shifting the Tide: Why This is the Pro-Life Moment.” 

Rose, founder and president of pro-life group Live Action, a media and news nonprofit dedicated to ending abortion, shared her story to the JSerra community about how she started out on her pro-life journey as a teen. Discovering a book about abortion in her family’s home and seeing an image of an aborted baby compelled her to act. She explained to the audience, “Why did I take this work on at the age of 15? I came to see it as being the greatest human rights cause of our time.” 

Not long after, as a student at UCLA, she created Live Action, a nationwide pro-life ministry that, according to Lila, has become “the largest online presence for the pro-life movement in America.” 

According to event organizer and JSerra Vice President of Mission and Faith Patrick Reidy, “The topic of abortion is contentious, but given the key moment of history in which our young people find themselves, we have a moral responsibility to inform them in every way we can about the truth and dignity of the unborn. Lila was our natural go-to because of her youth, national prominence, and the love, compassion, and eloquence with which she handles this delicate subject.”