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1386 – 1456; Feast: October 23

By Catholic News Service     10/27/2015

This Italian studied law in Perugia, where he married the daughter of a leading family and became governor of the city in 1412. Imprisoned during a civil war, he had a vision of St. Francis, followed by a spiritual conversion. Dispensed from his marriage vows, John joined the Friars Minor in 1416 and was ordained four years later. Going barefoot and wearing a hair shirt, he became a great preacher, worked diligently to reform the Franciscan orders, served as the friars’ vicar general and was named papal legate in a number of places in Europe and Palestine. He also led a wing of the Christian army in a victory against the Turks who besieged Belgrade in 1456. John is the patron of jurists and military chaplains.