Servite Lacrosse

By Jenelyn Russo     8/27/2018

Originally getting his start playing soccer, Jack Terrones saw someone bring a lacrosse stick to the field after practice one day. That is all it took for Terrones to find his new passion in sports. 

“I asked him about it, and I just started researching it and became really interested in it,” says Terrones of lacrosse. 



Now a junior at Servite High School and a cornerstone of the Friars’ lacrosse program, Terrones has seen tremendous success at the attack position, where he has already tallied 128 points in his first two seasons. 

“I enjoy that I’m able to maneuver around opponents and shoot across to my teammates,” says the 16-year-old. “I really like the physical contact of [lacrosse], the fast pace and always having to do something.” 

Named 1st Team All-Trinity League and All-County honorable mention two years in a row, Terrones is grateful to be a Friar. 

“I like to represent the school and [be] surrounded by great coaches and teammates,” says Terrones. “I like to be able to play for Servite with sportsmanship and respect on the field.” 

With the goal of leading his fellow teammates to the program’s first ever league title, Servite lacrosse head coach, Tom O’Leary, is confident Terrones’ skill and leadership will play a large role. 

“As an underclassman for the past two seasons, Jack’s on field vision and work ethic rivals that of a seasoned varsity veteran,” says O’Leary. “He continues to draw the top defensemen from any team we play, and is a threat in any position on the field. He is cut from the same cloth as his parents for his relentless work ethic, great core values, and focus on faith. Lacrosse is just a small aspect of what young men like Jack get from Servite. His impact here reaches far beyond the lines of the lacrosse field, and Jack understands his role as a faith-filled leader here on campus.” 

While Terrones finds a continual challenge in staying composed on the field, the mental strength and teamwork skills he has developed remind him that he is a part of something bigger than himself. 

“I think [lacrosse has] taught me how to work with other people in a successful way and get things done productively when working as a team,” says Terrones. 

Terrones has participated with his teammates in the Community Foundation of Orange Field of Valor, a tribute honoring all veterans and active duty military personnel. The Anaheim resident is looking to play lacrosse in college alongside studying business.  

His parents are his main motivation and inspiration, specifically his father, who Terrones says sets a good example for him in the Catholic faith. And it is his faith that Terrones keeps in mind above all else on and off the field.  

“Win or lose,” says Terrones, “we thank God for the ability to play the sport and stay safe after every game.”