An increase in self-centeredness and the deterioration of dignified speech are indicating a malfunctioning moral compass.

Evil is what ought not to be and is the opposite of goodness. Increasingly dark dispositions are an especially daunting problem today of what ought not to be. The core of moral compass is our disposition. It is the way events influence us and cause us to go in one direction and avoid another.

To be morally sound requires a disposition that reflects God’s graciousness. God desires to be one with us and a loving intimate friend. Embracing God’s graciousness is the very heart of being well disposed. What is destroying a sound disposition is the exaggeration of the “me society,” which is more about my philosophy, my political beliefs and individuality, and less about being open to another’s views and beliefs. It is a “me-mine rights society” that is splitting inspirational dialogue.

However, when the heart becomes hardened and unable to expand, friendship fades. Chaos then results, and God’s peaceful rule of order falls into disorder, crippling our moral compass.

The antidote is unselfish camaraderie driven by a warm loving heart, a God-inspired disposition desiring peaceful, productive unity.

Another way to sense an endangered moral compass is the deterioration of rhetoric. Irrational character assassination is replacing character promotion. Cruel destructive innuendo is used as the preferred weapon of the day. Twisted truth has also been employed as a4destructive weapon.

It is not an exaggeration to say many in exalted leadership positions who should be talking with one another to solve overwhelming postmodern challenges are not doing so. Heart-to-heart communication and dialogue essential to problem-solving are missing.

History has repeatedly shown the downfall of civilizations happened when they deserted their moral compass, when a loving, gracious God was excluded from the conversation.