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By Hank Evers     8/17/2020

In an increasingly secular world, many believe that things happen randomly, with no assignable cause, and attribute the inexplicable to chance. One of the best arguments to crush that belief is an analogy for creation and the Big Bang. Creation is a perfect case in point of low-level entropy. Entropy is a measure of disorder, the higher the entropy, the greater the disorder. Following is an example of order to the Nth degree, an extremely low level of entropy.

Let me illustrate. If a vessel filled with sand exploded onto an empty surface, you might expect sand to be scattered everywhere (high-level entropy), not arranged as amazingly beautiful sandcastles (low-level entropy).

This concept of entropy is important because it employs science to prove the existence of God. Entropy is a key factor in the ongoing debate over compatibility of science and religion where the question arises; are religious beliefs conducive to science, or do they inhibit it?

Whether or not you believe the universe is expanding, clearly, the chasm between mankind and our creator continues to grow. For that reason, and to help you properly defend our faith, you should have a at least a basic understanding of entropy.

In the path of perfection, since the Big Bang or Second Day, creation and our universe has been anything but uniform or random. Ponder the following scientific facts:

  • The earth revolves 366 times during 1 orbit of the moon
  • The earth is exactly 366% larger than the moon
  • The moon is 400 times closer to the earth than it is to the sun and is exactly 400 times smaller than the sun
  • The moon takes 27.32 days to orbit the earth and is exactly 27.32% of the earth’s size
  • The circumference of the sun is 2.73 million miles
  • One moon day is precisely 27.32 earth days
  • Water freezes at 27.32 degrees Kelvin
  • Absolute zero in Celsius is -273.2 degrees
  • An average human pregnancy is 273 days

So, what are the chances of that? Truly, one of the greatest proofs of God’s existence is found in science. The evidence of supernatural design from low entropy is as extensive as it is fascinating.

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