The Servite grad and Notre Dame senior is recognized for his leadership

By Irv Ceuvas     5/1/2018

Notre Dame graduating senior and former Servite High School grad Gregory Jenn (2014) was named recipient of the university’s highest and most prestigious student leadership award: the 2017-2018 Reverend Theodore Hesburgh, C.S.C. Award. 

In recognizing Jenn, the university’s Institute for Latino Studies said Jenn’s “leadership has significantly advanced the climate of welcome and inclusion within or beyond the University of Notre Dame community … and that Jenn is a consummate student and leader.”  

Notre Dame Club of Orange County President Mark Merriman said he wishes for Jenn continued success in representing not only Orange County students at Notre Dame, but all Fighting Irish students embodying the university’s ideals of Christian leadership and inclusion.  

Jenn, a Latino Studies supplementary major, has also won a scholarship from SITE (Study Intercultural Training and Experience) to support an eight-month internship in Italy, beginning in October.  

Greg has written a senior thesis in Latino Studies linking Latino Studies to his other majors in Romance Languages and Literatures and Political Science, titled “Mexican Immigration: A Dantean Illumination.” 

Greg expects to enter law school in 2019.