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Episode 31  March 3, 2018   Stephen Petrunak, the President of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM) in Washington, DC, Christopher Reilly, the President of the DMMD Division of NPM and Roy Spicer, the Vice-President of the DMMD Division of NPM.


Hear all about the National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM), a national organization of church musicians serving primarily the Roman Catholic Church in America. This 6000-member organization is made up of Parish Music Directors, choir directors, organists, instrumentalists, cantors, and music educators. Stephen Petrunak is only the 4th President/CEO of the organization in its 41-year history. Stephen comes to NPM from both the business world and being a Parish Music Director.   You will enjoy hearing his vision for the organization and for the future of Church Music!! He is joined later in the program by the leaders of the DMMD Division of the association. This division serves those who work full-time for the church as music ministers; those responsible for music in America’s parishes. Christopher Reilly, is the Music Director at the Maryknoll Headquarters in New York, and Roy Spicer, is the Music Director at Old Mission Santa Barbara. These two leaders in pastoral music along with Stephen give a fascinating look into the world of those who make music for our church, a church with both strengths and challenges. We are a church of many musical styles, many languages and a long rich history of sacred music. Find out what this national organization is doing to help those who help all of us worship each week.


MUSIC: My Lord Will Come Wil Todd   Northwestern University Chorale

MUSIC: Building Up The Kingdom Roger Holland

MUSIC: Nada to Turbe DMMD Taize Prayer     Olfary Gutierrez, soloist

MUSIC: Agnus Dei from Messe Salve Regina, Yves Castagnet

MUSIC: Sanctus from Messe Salve Regina, Yves Castagnet