By Cynthia Werelius     12/3/2019

After nearly 60 years educating young women and nurturing treasured traditions, on Nov. 13 the Class of 2021 became the last Connelly class to partake in one of the school’s most treasured traditions – the Ring Ceremony. The school will be closing its doors in June 2020.

In a beautiful ceremony complete with red roses, shiny rings, and radiant young women, the senior class presented their junior sisters with their class rings, which were tied with a burgundy ribbon around a single red rose. The ceremony is a meaningful milestone for the juniors, as well as being symbolic. It celebrates the juniors and their transition from underclasswomen to upperclasswomen. Junior Class President Gabriela Mercado delivered a heartfelt message that expressed her feelings about the impending closure of Connelly, yet also showed great fortitude as she named the many things she is thankful for in light of the school’s situation. She spoke fondly about her school, her classmates, and the responsibility of being among the last students of Cornelia Connelly School. With maturity beyond her years she spoke of the many things she is thankful for.

“Most of all, I am so thankful that I have been able to share the experience of becoming an upperclasswoman with a group of girls that I love, that we will be left with fond memories of Connelly, and that even in light of bad news, God has given me so much to still be grateful for.

Those of us gathered here are the last students of Cornelia Connelly School. It is a great responsibility. We have been tasked with finding how our current situation can contribute to our personal growth and make us stronger.

Together, the job of all members of the student body is to continue to live in the spirit of Cornelia Connelly. We must take the lessons we have learned here and apply them as we continue to make our way through our lives. Moving forward, in our actions and in our hearts, we must always strive to be Connelly girls who lead, serve, and inspire the world around us.”