Christ Cathedral


As the scaffolding comes down, the stone and tile is being laid and the installation of the quatrefoils is nearly complete

By Douglas Morino     9/11/2018

Construction continues to move forward at Christ Cathedral, the spiritual home of the Diocese of Orange.  

Recent updates include the cutting and installation of sheets of white stone, recently imported from quarries near Verona, Italy.  

“This is a major milestone,” said Construction Manager Eric Flynn.  

Carnevale & Lohr, the firm overseeing the stonework at Christ Cathedral, recently installed marble at the Hearst Castle’s famed Neptune Pool.  

The historic project to renovate Christ Cathedral into a Catholic house of worship remains on schedule and on budget. Christ Cathedral will be dedicated on July 17, 2019.  

Recent updates include: 

  • Scaffolding that was erected so that construction teams could install quatrefoils panels along the cathedral’s ceiling and walls is now being dismantled. The quatrefoil panels will help provide shade, reduce glare and improve acoustics.
  • Steel for the baldachin, which will hang above the altar, has been brought into the cathedral.
  • Structural steel has been put in place for the Baptistery Chapel, and wood framing for the Blessed Sacrament Chapel is nearly complete.
  • The console for the Hazel Wright organ has been brought inside the cathedral and is ready for installation.
  • Just outside the cathedral, demolition work continues to the north and south. Utility lines, including sewer and electrical, are being installed, along with landscaping for the cathedral’s outdoor plazas. The future site of the Our Lady of La Vang Shrine is being prepped for construction.
  • A new street entrance to the campus on Lewis Street has been completed.
  • In the undercroft, completed drywall now lines hallways and rooms. Painting has started and electrical wiring is being put in place.