Chairman of Orange County Board of Supervisors visits St. Barbara Catholic school

By Staff     2/23/2018

With a theme of “Learn Serve Lead Succeed” for Catholic Schools Week 2018, a speaker who would best represent these important values was chosen to speak to the students of St. Barbara Catholic School about serving the people as a civic leader. Little did the school know that he is also a devout Catholic who prays for God to guide his life and work.  

Andrew Do has been an attorney/prosecutor, businessman, judge, and is the current chairman of the Orange County Board of Supervisors. St. Barbara School got to know him as a man of faith and conviction through his inspirational words. 

Mr. Do shared that 42 years ago he and his family fled from Vietnam. St. Barbara Catholic Church was the very first church in America they attended. As a result, he said, he has a unique perspective in serving our county and country. He shared that as a 12-year-old boy, he learned how in an instant society can fall. He brings that vision in how he leads – making sure to protect and serve all those he represents.  

Mr. Do offered advice to the eighth graders, saying that everyone will have an idea of what they should do for a future career, including their parents. He said his parents wanted him to be a doctor, but he couldn’t stand the sight of blood. He studied Literature and Economics in college, but it wasn’t until a friend of his mentioned law school that he became interested in a career in law. Because of his passion for helping people and his ethics, he was eventually asked to serve as chairman of the Board of Orange County Supervisors. Do said he prayed a lot to help him make a decision. Mr. Do said, God doesn’t show up as a bolt of lightning or a vision; you feel a great peace in your heart when you are doing the right thing. “You have to choose a path that fits your skills and your personality,” he said.  

Mr. Do then presented St. Barbara Catholic School with a framed certificate in recognition of 55 years of serving and having an impact in our community through the ministry of Catholic education.