Rosary Academy’s volleyball standout

By Jenelyn Russo     11/21/2016

Morgan Kendrick was introduced to volleyball at a young age, following in the footsteps of several family members who play the sport.

“My whole family plays volleyball,” says Kendrick. “My dad…got me into in the sport. Both of my brothers played volleyball. I kind of started really young.”

The Rosary Academy senior plays outside hitter for the Royals, but Kendrick uses her skills not only on the court but also on the sand, a transition she has enjoyed making.



“The differences between beach and indoor really bring a different aspect of volleyball to me,” says Kendrick. “Beach is…more of a mental game. You have to play really smart. You have to make your own decisions, and you and your partner have to work together.”

Rosary varsity volleyball head coach, Filip Tomicic, agrees that in addition to being a leader on the court, Kendrick’s skills are well suited for the demands of beach volleyball.

“Morgan is a very accomplished beach player and likes the challenge of playing in the outdoor elements,” says Tomicic. “She has the ability to transition from beach to indoor in a smooth fashion because of her all-around skill set.”

The 17-year-old has had to navigate several coaching changes over her tenure at Rosary. But she and her teammates have “made the most out of it,” leaving her with many memorable moments as she competes in her final year as a Royal. Additionally, the game has also given Kendrick an understanding of what it means to be a teammate.

“A lot that I take from volleyball is communication and teamwork,” says Kendrick. “You definitely have to look to others and be able to trust them…and they should be able to trust you. It’s taught me to be able to not only rely on myself for things, but to be able to ask for help.”

Away from the game, the Fullerton resident is a part of Rosary’s Sports Medicine Program, and enjoys serving her campus community through the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) and National Honor Society (NHS). She plans on continuing to play beach volleyball in college as well as study speech pathology.

The life of a student athlete requires balance, and Kendrick’s faith helps keep her focus clear.

“You have to look to God to help you out and to help guide you, help you make the right decisions and know that what you’re doing is right,” says Kendrick.

With a family full of volleyball players, Kendrick receives plenty of encouragement and support, especially from her older brother, Cole, whose experience has proven helpful for Kendrick.

“He shows me that through hard work, you get good rewards if you dedicate time and effort into the sport,” says Kendrick. “I look to him to help show me the path and help guide me.”