Legislators delay sending SB 128 to Senate floor

By Staff     5/12/2015

Yesterday the Senate Appropriations Committee delayed advancing SB 128, known as the Assisted Suicide bill, to the Senate Floor, signaling that there may be doubts about legalizing physician-assisted suicide in California.

Those in favor of the bill will be working hard to gain support among senators prior to June 5 when a vote is expected. Those following the bill closely believe that legislators are divided and it will be a very close vote. If passed by the Senate, SB 128 would then move to the State Assembly.

Those opposed to the Assisted Suicide bill are being asked by Californians Against Assisted Suicide to rally immediately in order to stop the bill from moving forward. Now is the time, the organization says, “to step up and take action.” Senators from all over the state need to hear #NoOnSB128, the group’s May 12 update says.

Specifically, the opposition is being directed to focus on individual members of both parties within the California State Senate. While the Compassion & Choices group is spending millions to move the bill forward, if each individual acts now, their collective impact will be felt, says #NoOnSB128 organizers.

Californians against SB 128 look hopefully at the results in Massachusetts when, after a strong lead for the pro-suicide campaign, on election day Massachusetts voters defeated the bill by a vote of 51% to 49%.

Clear directions on how to act were provided by Californians Against Assisted Suicide. They are as follows:


  1. Email your legislators (Senate & Assembly) and forward to your network – http://noassistedsuicideca.org/getinvolved/contact-legislature
  2. Call the Capitol Office of your Senator or Assemblymember and ask them to oppose SB 128 – 916.651.40 (district number of that Senator). For Senate Roster go to Senate.CA.Gov
  3. Attend an event in your community where your State Senator, Assemblymember or their staff is likely to attend. Ask for a meeting in the district office or your State Senator and organize a group of constituents to participate. Download the #NoOnSB128 Advocacy Kit for assistance and direction on messaging, arguments and background material.

Lastly, on the Californians Against Assisted Suicide website there is posted two new letters that you can feel free to use in your #NoAssistedSuicide advocacy efforts:

  1. Letter by UC Irvine Medical School Associate Professor of Psychiatry Dr. Aaron Kheriaty about SB 128 and impacts of the assisted suicide legalization on society:


  1. Letter of opposition distributed to the Legislature featuring coalition partners: