Well, it wasn’t quite white-out conditions, but snow did cover a corner of the green field area of
Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School in San Clemente during a recent fun-filled “Snow Day.”

Parent volunteer Andy Brosche trucked in 15 tons of snow to make an Orange County version of a wintertime wonderland for the students.

The snow party was a thank-you from principal Brett Minter for the students’ success in the school’s fundraising golf ball drop in November.

“The kids are the actual fund raisers, and the goal was that if they raised over $50,000, we’d bring snow to the campus,” explained Brosche. “They raised over $55,000. The kids do something for us, and we do something for them.”

Contained by 46 bales of hay, the snow supported two six-foot slides and a play area.

Older Students assisted younger students on round snow slide dishes and pushed them down the slippery slope where they were caught by waiting older peers. A nearby snow play area allowed for making snow angels and snowballs.

Each grade got 30 minutes to play in the snow, starting with Transitional Kindergarten, explained Brosche. Then they went indoors, changed their shoes and resumed instruction.

Students’ familiarity with snow was varied. Krystal Acre’s two children were born in Las Vegas and were strangers to snow. Student Cole Hoelker, on the other hand, skis every winter in Idaho, although he’s not keen on living there.

“In the summer, I like to be by the ocean,” he said.

TK teacher Gwyneth Turner joined the fun, including being a snowball target.

“This is so much fun!” she exclaimed. Rewards like Snow Day are both fun and great motivational tools, according to Minter.

“This is a great event,” he said. “It’s a big-time goal for our students. It’s super exciting for the kids, the parents love it and it’s a great community event. This is something they look forward to like Christmas.”