By Nanci De la Rosa-Ricco, Diocese of Orange – Department of Catholic Schools, Primary Designated SEVIS Official     3/20/2018

For most, Christmas and Easter are the seasons of joy. Our environment is alive with the sights and sounds of the season; music, decorations, parties and lots of sales–everything that makes a celebration a celebration.

For me, Lent is my season of joy. Untouched by the media, it is a season to intimately reflect on the experience that Jesus embraced as our Savior.

In 2nd grade, I learned to give up something big enough during Lent to show that I understood and felt the concept of “sacrifice.” But as an adult, Lent is when I experience the most profound relationship and conversations with God. There are no distractions. He reminds me that I am so loved that no sacrifice was too much to make salvation possible for me. He held me in His love before I was born.

Life is inundated by our solo effort to survive and succeed. Lent reminds me that I’m not alone. Someone is always listening, caring and loving me, every moment of my life. In the quiet stillness of Lent, without distraction or hype, I quietly, peacefully celebrate that I am a child of God.